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 Full Wild West Shows...(approx. 1 to 2 hours in length) including skits, games, songs and interaction with the kids. We do what we call Bananalympics where boys compete with the girls. These shows have also been widely accepted as Family Shows where the entire family, Dad, Mom, Kids, Old and Young enjoy laughing together!  Love offering of $200. to $300. or more is appreciated to bring the full content of our show to your church or event.

Series of Shows... Bananas can do a half week or week long (or more) Series of shows that build each day into a Biblical theme..(Vacation Bible School program inclusive). For half week (3 days) of shows, a suggested love offering of $500, or for a full week of shows, $700.

Brief Show... We can construct our shows at 30 minutes to fit within other parts of your church, school, or event schedule. Love offering of $150. or more per brief show.

Appearances... Bananas the Clown is available to simply come for brief appearances to sign autographs and interact with children at events such as churches, schools, parties and even parades. We just want to be a blessing! Love offering of $50. or more per appearance.


Over 30 years of Bananas Wild West Shows & Still Going Strong

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We would love to your church, school or event!

The Bananas Wild West Shows are fun for the whole family!

If your church or school or organization is planning special family and/or Children's event, now is the time to let us know if you'd like Bananas the Cowboy Clown to come. For over 30 years, the Bananas Wild West Shows have traveled to hundreds of locations with the Good News of Jesus Christ and every Wild West Show is done in excellence and is purposed in sharing the living Word of God in an effective fun manner.

Thank you and God bless you!

Some Particulars of What We Offer...

We do a variety of ministry shows formed to fit your needs and budget. While we don't "charge" set "fees" to come minister, we have some suggested financial amounts to help you know how you can help us be effective in the stewardship of this vital ministry to children and families....such as.. SEE BELOW...