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1. The word “embassy”, refers  to The Household of God as to governmental representation & management of God’s Kingdom on the earth.

2. As ambassadors of the Kingdom, we represent the King of Kings - Jesus.

3.  God's embassy on earth is His collective network of churches across denominational lines.

4.  Embassy is a group of persons sent on a diplomatic mission, an ambassador and his staff. We are called Christ's Ambassadors.  2 Corinthians 5:20

5.  Protocol is defined, not as an institutional or legalistic regulation, but a breathable relational structure & maturity between leaders

6. Protocol is a of conduct is a set of correct or appropriate behavior of a group, organization, or profession Functional relational agreement: a formal agreement between authorities, leaders.

7. A locally, regionally, and globally recognized standard of relational structure for clear collaborations and interconnectivity between those who are connected through functional leadership and accountable relationships.

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The 5 Specific Aspects of Network Protocol

Accountability:  Ministerial ethics and conduct with other ministers in a region through permission for guidance and personal aspects. Correction needed in violations of ethics and protocol it will be done in the scriptural order seeking ultimate reconciliation and restoration. Accountability addresses responsibility, respect and reliability in ministers. A standard of conduct is implemented according to biblical principles and relational protocol.  Affiliates of this Network will conduct themselves in a Christ like manner one toward another and never become critical, disruptive, or derogatory of one another.

  The process through which a controversy is submitted to an impartial person called an arbitrator, to resolve a dispute outside of the court system.     

 Agendas:  Appropriate guidelines for presentation of events, goals, and invitations to ministers, ministries, and specific congregants based on the locations, involvements of regional leadership counsel, and neutrality of any one individual entity being highlighted for drawing away from one place to another.

Access/Transition:  As covenant co-laborers we are never alone. Of course God is always with us, but Jesus said: "Father, that they may be one, as you and I are one." We are here to serve God and His Kingdom Ambassadors through true relationships, resources, and in those times of needed.

Agreement:  Minimize differences, maximize unified purpose, Never allow issues to affect our resolve for relationship. Seek diversity, and celebrate rather than tolerate each one.