FALL 2022 Issue

Important Update & Message from
Dr. Rick Kendall
Two Things
1. There is no more Annual Renewal Fee, but in January let us know you are still active, and consider sowing an annual or regular offering into the network.
2. We are expanding and actively seeking more network members.
Please read...
You may not see our Global Embassy Network in the spotlight much, but that is by design, as much of our relational network is behind the scenes. We are not here to build an organization, but to be a resource of advancing God's Kingdom.
As you can see by the few photos (on the right hand side panel), we have been busy already in 2022. Of course these photos don't reflect the hours of counsel, consulting and networking over the phone and travel to assist seasoned as well as emerging ministries.
Here is our structure... I am President of
Victory Ministries Inc. (the umbrella covering of all our ministries) and the
Global Embassy Network (GEN) now in it's  22nd year,
is the interconnecting of ministers, and ministries locally, regionally, and globally to resource and build covenant relationships.
Coming in 2023 (as part of GEN)
The Dominion Marketplace Network, bringing innovators together to impact cities.
As a mentoring facet of the Network,
Kingdom Advance Training Seminars became a reality beginning in 2018 and now we have two Seminars each year .
Coming in 2023 (as part of KATS)
The Kingdom Apostolic Team Summits bringing God's Kingdom Apostles together in person or through Zoom meetings to interconnect insights & present solutions as well as Summits bringing true Apostles to emerging leaders for equipping.
The Destiny Group Mentor School
has been active for many years and brings a College level classroom approach with practical application & personal mentoring.
Then there's the
Speaking Ministry of Dr. Rick Kendall traveling to bring a relevent, revelatory Word from God's Kingdom Perspective.

These are the departments of Ministry we offer to assist you in your Kingdom calling and assignment. This ministry is stronger than ever and we are honored to be used by God.

Consider planting financuial seed on a regular basis as much of what we do is out of our own pocket & we can do so much more with your invested giving.

THANK YOU to those who already invest financial offerings in our ministry
You can give by CashApp: $victorymin or by
PayPal.Me/VictoryMinistries or by check to Victory Ministries (address: 296 SE St Lucie, Blvd. Apt. 202 Stuart, Florida 34996)
  I'd like to ask you to help us invite new Network Members to join.
You may know of men and women of God who are looking for a relational Kingdom Network to be part of. People do NOT need to leave their current fellowship or denominations to join the Global Embassy Network, but we serve as an additional resource. They can visit our Network website: and research our purpose and applicastions.

All these things are going on behind the scenes, to be a powerful relational resource to stand behind you and your God ordained calling.
Can we join hands a little stronger here in this season?
I felt like God said to me: "Your days of standing alone are done, I am bringing you into a land of prophetic promise and raising up an emerging of men and women to stand with you and Liz, who are hungry to unite and advance my Kingdom!"

This is not about Liz and me, but it's about the mandate God gave us to unite His ambassadors as ONE BODY internationally to multiply the advance of His Kingdom! Our goal is not to advance our ministry, but about advancing your God ordained purpose and destiny to new levels of impacting the world as agents of change!
P.S. Share this with your friends and let's reach the nations TOGETHER!
During The Kingdom Advance Training Seminar, we celebrated
Liz's Birthday!

The new Kingdom Advance Training website is up and will be available with teaching from season Kingdom teachers, videos, and interactive chats. Check it out:

Tune in on Mondays @ 9:00 AM EST for Monday Moments with Dr. Rick via Facebook LIVE

Photos of the Kingdom Advance Training Seminar
Fall 2022 Edition
KATS Speaking Team

MC Pastor Jay Kendall

Dr. Liz Kendall: Business From Kingdom Insight

Business Panel: Jeffrey & Shaniqua Juedy,
Liz Kendall, Barbara Vigrass, & Nathan Rumbley

Dr. Rick Kendall: Reaching Cultures As A
Kingdom Nation

Evangelist Bridget Blutcher: What It Means To Be A Kingdom Citizen

Apostle (Doc) Antonion E. Wright: Kingdom Economy

Apostle Chris Turney: Transforming Nations

Dr. David P. Donnally: Collaborative Network

KATS Workshop

KATS Lunch Time.
  Thank you to all attendees in person as well as those present from around the world, and thsnk you to all who made this Seminar a great success.


Kingdom Advance Training Seminar 2020 Photos

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Photos of our 2018 Annual Kingdom Advance Training Seminar

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Photos of our first Annual Kingdom Advance Training Seminar October 21, 2017